Hey there pal.  Been a minute.  Turns out a full time job compounded with a mysterious nerve injury (a story for another day) really cuts into blogging time.  But, I saw something today that inspired me to hop back up on the ole blogging horse and fire up some all-22.

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Today I’m examining the walking enigma that is Tyree Jackson.  For those who don’t follow the greatest conference to ever exist, Tyree Jackson is a QB who just wrapped up a fairly impressive college career at Buffalo. He is currently listed at 6’7″, 249 lbs. His combine numbers are impressive to say the least

So why the fuck are we talking about Daniel Jones and Drew Lock over Jackson?

For context, here are Jackson’s full career stats at Buffalo:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.33.05 PM
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.32.45 PM

Not too shabby huh?  I understand the accuracy concerns, his career 55.8 completion percentage would be considered by many to be actually bad and not good and as the captain of the S.S [white] Josh Allen stinks, it’s difficult for me to reconcile my love for Jackson.  Without getting real deep into it, historically 57% is the line that separates the stinkers from serviceable QBs and as a general rule accuracy cannot be coached up.

Tyree Jackson is not Josh Allen.  Tyree Jackson is perhaps the most unique QB we’ve ever seen.  As detailed by Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, Tyree Jackson did not grow up going to expensive QB camps and working with prestigious coaches and retired players.  Tyree Jackson grew up grinding film on NFL QBs, and once he felt he had digested enough tape he would lace up the cleats and head to his backyard rather than some fancy training facility, and he would try to replicate what he saw on tape.  A tire hung from a tree in the yard served as his receiver as he taught himself how to be a quarterback.  He apparently did a pretty good fucking job, finishing in the top 5 all time in Michigan High School career passing yards and touchdowns.  From there he went on to Buffalo and of course worked with their staff on his mechanics, footwork, and all the other technical aspects of football that make a quarterback, yet he didn’t actually work with a professional QB coach until last July at the age of 20(!).  In my opinion this makes his ceiling exponentially higher. I mean, look at what this kid can already do

gif (2)
Yes I’m still mad Buffalo did not win this game
gif (1).gif
gif (3)
I hope this one stings Mook
gif (4).gif
gif (5).gif

Holy shit, I severely underestimated just how good this tape is.  Cutting this down to just a handful of great throws was nearly impossible and I have a throbbing erection from the sheer football porn.  So, I think I’ve sufficiently illustrated my point that this kid is fuckin talented.  Find me a QB in this class with 6 more impressive throws and I will find you a working set of eyeballs just to stick a thumb in one because you don’t deserve them.  Now, I would like you to imagine what a kid with that natural athleticism, arm strength, and work ethic can do in an NFL facility with world class coaching.

Now like I said, the accuracy is a concern and I understand that, but if you think i’m gonna be objective here and include tape that substantiates those concerns well buddy are you mistaken.  This is not a place for objective journalism, this is a place for pushing (correct) narratives.  And that narrative is that Tyree Jackson is AT WORST QB3 in this draft.  Prototypical size.  ROCKET arm.  Excellent mobility and ability to make plays with his legs.  Some team is going to get the come up of the century on day 2 of the draft with many analysts still projecting Jackson in the 2nd-3rd round range.  If your team is in need of a quarterback with this relatively barren class, I would feel WAY better drafting Jackson on day 2 than Kyler, Haskins, Lock, or Jones in the first.

You know what, I’m doing this man a disservice naming him QB3.  Kyler Murray is 5’2″ and if you force Haskins to move in the pocket he couldn’t hit Mookie’s mother from 3 yards out (she’s a large target if you catch my drift).  NotNotTrue is proud to be the first blog in the known universe to name Tyree Jackson our QB1.  So begins our crusade to get Tyree Jackson drafted in his rightful position of first QB off the board.  Anything outside the first round will be considered a personal failure for both myself and Mookie. People forget that the MAC is the conference of quarterbacks and Tyree Jackson is here to remind them.

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