I didn’t go to a gigantic football school like Alabama or Penn State. I went to some dinky school in the middle of the city that is vastly more known for murders than scoring touchdowns on Saturdays. Sometimes I get sad about it because I don’t have that “die hard blood” coursing through my veins every game day, yet this opens up some opportunity in my fan hood.

That is why today, I, Mookie Bets, am declaring my fan hood to the University of Texas Football Program.

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After trimming the fat off my initial “Teams to ride for” list (was between Miami, LSU, and Texas), I have chosen Texas based upon a few factors. #1, my cousins went to UT, which makes me an honorary Texan. #2, I’m hopping on the Texas train before they are FULLY back. They’re kind of back right now, but I wanted to make sure I got on the bandwagon before they reach “Vince Young Level Back”. And #3, football is Texas, and Texas is football. You can’t have one without the other. Watch one TV series. Have you seen Friday Night Lights? Tim fuckin’ Riggins, bro. That is all.

So, this upcoming season my college team is officially the Texas Longhorns. Hook’em, boys.

Mookie Bets