Fair warning, this blog is not for the faint of heart.

Coach Urban Meyer has accrued an impressive list of achievements over his 17 years as a head coach, most notably at UF and Ohio State.

Among them are:

  • A 187-32 career w/l split, good for a .854 winning percentage
  • 3 national titles
  • 4 head coaching jobs
  • 1 stint in the MAC (Go Bowling Green Falcons)
  • 1 execution style murder committed by a player
  • 1 wide receiver with a fiery drive to use the n word
  • 1 domestic violence scandal and subsequent cover up
  • 1 fake heart attack
  • And of course, 1 made up disease that appeared very adversely affected by being bad at football

Weird, it almost seems like Coach Meyer is actually a piece of shit! Funny how that works! Urban Meyer is the perfect exemplification of everything wrong with American society today. He has no problem grandstanding about morals and how much he cares about the kids but as soon as shit starts to go sideways Urban fires up the ole fake heart attack and leaves everyone high and dry to deal with whatever horrific culture he leaves behind. It’s just the hypocrisy of all of it that irritates me. It’s fine to be a piece of shit if all you care about is winning football games, just acknowledge that’s the case and move on instead of trying to pretend it’s about anything other than what your record says at the end of the day.

Now is the part where I link to a bunch of articles that substantiate my slander, but because I am lazy and someone else appears to have done the legwork for me I will leave you with this: A list of Urban’s transgressions against the NCAA and its players. This list is pre Zach Smith for the record.

So, while Urban will inevitably wind up on the sidelines again, for the good of college football and its players I hope he just fucks right off for awhile.

Someone get him a baby aspirin