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I want to start this off with something that has been weighing on my chest for a long time. I wrote exactly 1 (one) blog for notnottrue.com (RIP in Peace) and that one blog was a Midwest Preview for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Overall I think I predicted pretty close to how it turned out, admittedly taking a lot of favorites, but hey they’re the favorites for a reason right? Anyways it was smooth sailing across all my picks until I threw a curveball and took the Wafford Terriers to upset the Kentucky Wildcats in the round of 32. Wafford lost by 6 points and I ate crow while looking like an idiot. I would like to make one major point in that game, Fletcher Magee, one of the guards starting for Wafford, who at the time had recently become the NCAA leader in career 3-pointers made. Mr. Magee, in the biggest game of his life, put up a whopping stat line of 8-2-1 including going ZERO FOR TWELVE FROM THE THREE. Zero made 3’s from the NCAA career leader in 3’s made. If he goes 3/12, a 25% clip (which is almost half his career % of 43.5) not only would I have been rich, but I probably would’ve been fielding calls from every sports show in the nation and become famous.

In case you didn’t wanna read my rant, Rip notnottrue.com and FUCK Fletcher Magee for not making my dreams of becoming rich and famous come true. I hate you with every fiber of my being.

Anyways, I’m a midwest kid so I’ll be doing midwest sports and sports related stuff, with my next blog that comes out being about the upcoming Iowa State Football season and why my book has done them atrociously dirty by setting their regular season win total at 8. Probably some non-related sports stuff thrown in there as well, you never know here at The Bookies Basement. -Jack

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