For as long as I can remember people have always been saying, “I love lobster!” and for the longest time so did I. But one day I realized, I’m not an uncultured idiot.

It all started from a Jersey shore seafood restaurant when I was about ten years old. After scanning the menu up down, I realized that the lobster was 100% the move and trust me I know moves. After consuming the entirety of my meal, I licked my lips re-tasting the sweet delicious butter. But at that exact moment, it dawned on me, are people that naive to think lobster is good?

I realized there, I was the first person to ever even have this thought. Let me educate the readers a bit. Lobster is a bottom feeder, they eat the remnants of more dominate fish in the sea. A bottom feeder! Now let me further educate you, if this delicate “commodity” is so “good” then why do you have to dunk it in movie theater butter?

It simply blows my mind that people feast on a bottom feeder and dunk it in butter but still call it good. Anyone that eats lobster is an uncultured idiot.