So last week I got up on my soapbox screaming about how the gambling week is entirely too long. Following the same calendar that hangs up on the side of the fridge is just too damn daunting. It’s daunting if you’re in the red, and even more so when you think about how you’re just gonna blow the bankroll you’ve put together.

After the $500 day I had last Monday, I could have sworn there was no shot I even see half of that come this Friday when my bookie squares up with me. After roughly a dozen texts to my one boy saying, “if this hits, I’m shutting myself down for the week,” your boy was going from hot to on fire. After a couple of days of doubling and tripling up the units on just one or two plays a night, your boy was heading into the weekend up BIG.

Waiting for Saturday at 4 pm was fucking rough when you wake up down the shore at 9 am and you can’t go to the beach (was looking at houses, humblebrag). I was having such a hot week that my bookie even texted me around 3:30 saying “how do you plan on kicking my dick in today?” I could feel the worry in his voice just by reading the ugly green bubbles. P.S. It’s 2019, grow the fuck up and get an iPhone. You’re just being childish at this point.

So my favorite play of the day was a 3-team reverse (favorite bet when there’s a lot of games you like) between the Indians RL -135, the Dodgers RL -135 and the Red Sox/Yankees O11.5 -115. A $75 reverse on the 3 locks ran a juicy $582 risk to win $900. Both the Dodgers and the over in Fenway cashed right before the Indians/Royals first pitch. I thought about hedging for just a small amount but decided to go full send.

Boy did I make the right fucking call. The Tribe put up a 4 spot in their half of the 1st. By the middle of the 5th inning, Cleveland was up 8-0. Within 10 minutes of me checking the score, I finally got the best text in the world. At 8:33 pm, my bookie had to shut me down and asked me to work out a payment plan with him.


Overall for the week: 19-7 +82 Units. Follow along for some picks on Twitter @Billy_Leemon

With all the hustle and bustle of these big shiny casinos opening these fancy sportsbooks, there’s still a special kind of charm that comes about when you destroy your neighborhood bookie.

Remember folks, with the NFL just right around the corner, shop small business this fall when it comes to your sports wagers.

Ernie El's