Earlier today the Crayola Crown lookin’ OG Fortnite streamer, Ninja, announced that he is leaving Twitch (Amazon) for Mixer (Microsoft). If you don’t know who Ninja is you probably live in Amish country or some rural shit hole like Kansas, but for those of you that do know him (everyone), this is big news.

From what I remember, Ninja was one of the first elite Fortnite Streamers that took the game mainstream. His wild hair colors and gameplay with celebrities like Drake and Juju Smith-Schuster grew his personal brand, Fortnite’s popularity, and the streaming service Twitch to wild lengths.

What a fuckin’ duo

Since Ninja blew-up, Twitch blew-up, and it drew an audience that varies from 12 year old kids, to 22 year old idiots like myself that just want to watch sweaty dudes dominant a video game before they go to bed.

Now, why would Ninja want to make this move to Mixer? Let the cheese-sack himself explain in one of the most almost-sub-par announcement videos himself.

Well, that was a load of bullshit. Ninja isn’t doing shit to get back to his roots. He’s DOING THIS FOR MONEY. Obviously, he can’t say that straight up because he’s not an idiot, but also don’t feed me the bullshit. I don’t want any of it. Whatever bag he secured with Microsoft (no details of the deal have come out yet) is FAT. I don’t know anything about Mixer, but the occasional stream watcher (me) will not be making the switch to Mixer just to watch this pencil with an add-on eraser lookin’ ass play Fortnite.

Ninja on Stream.

2 morals of the story: 1, Ninja left Twitch for one reason and one reason only. Money. And 2, this isn’t a big loss for Twitch. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I will not be tuning into Mixer just to watch Ninja. Fortnite’s going to die soon anyway. Bad investment anybody?

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