The other day fellow TBB blogger Harry Mac wrote a piece about Jews being like dogs ( ) and now my mind is in total and utter chaos. I have some knowledge about the Jewish religion from a Religion 101 class last spring and a plethora of Bar/Bat mitzvah’s in middle school where even the nerdy white Catholic and Christian kids look like professional dancers compared to the non-gentiles.

I’m currently dating a Jewish girl, my first time dating a girl from the tribe. She’s a lot of fun and everything has been smooth sailing. But now Harry has opened up my blissfully naive mind about the inner workings of the Jewish people. The inbreeding did not shock me because Catholics tend to do this too and I assume it’s just for the week of Christmas Eve to New Years Eve for sons and daughter to not get an earful from their parents like Harry. Maybe this is karma for accidentally dropping a small Jewish book that are under the pews by accident cause the spine was broken and all the pages flew across the synagogue and I looked like an asshole. But after reading this I think I’m secretly on the Chopping Block.

From my high school education I’ll turn to the power of prayer, or wait for Harry to tell me everything is alright and his article only applies to Jewish men and that I’m a pioneer in inter-religious love. Religion man, it’s the oldest, wildest thing around.