While week 0 was fun for everyone, there’s just something special about knowing when I wake up violently hungover this Saturday down the shore, that there is a slate of football for the whole fucking day.

Everyone, just stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath… WE FUCKING MADE IT. We waited all fucking spring and summer but we finally have Saturday’s that include nothing but college gameday, chips & dip, any kind of drink that can nurse a hangover, your weed pen and a pair of comfy pants. I know, I got a boner just thinking about it myself.

I obviously bet week 0 but didn’t wanna blog picks because week 0 is very underwhelming when you actually think about it. Good thing I didnt because not only did I go 0-1.. I talked myself out of going 5-0…

Fuck it, there’s only one way to bounce pack and thats by picking winners. For week 1 we got:


UCLA ML @ Cincinnati (1 Unit) 7pm

Clemson -37 HOME vs. Georgia Tech (2 Units) 8pm

Arizona St. -24.5 HOME vs. Kent State (2 Units) 10pm



Oklahoma St. -14 @ Oregon St. (2 Units) 10:30pm



Kentucky -12 HOME vs. Toledo (2 Units) noon

Ohio St. -27.5 HOME vs. FAU (4 Units) noon

Stanford -6.5 HOME vs. Northwestern (2 Units) 4pm

Orgeon ML HOME vs. Auburn (4 Units) 7:30pm

2 Team Tease (4 Units)

Georgia -16 (B6) @ Vanderbilt 7:30pm

LSU -21.5 (B6) HOME vs. Georgia Southern 7:30pm



Oklahoma -23.5 HOME vs. Houston (4 Units)



Notre Dame -18 @ Louisville (8 Units)



A&M -33.5 HOME vs. Texas St. (1 Unit) Thursday 8:30pm

Penn State 1st half line (not out yet)

Alabama 1st half line (not out yet)

Oklahoma 1st half line (not out yet)


Chug a beer for Labor Day Weekend boys, we made it.

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