Every sports fan’s dream is to own a professional sports franchise. There is no cooler profession in the world than that. O you think being a movie star, or the President of the United States or even being a pro athlete is better than the OWNER (or Governor in the NBA) then you are out of your mind. It is BANANALANDS to think of anything else. Nothing is cooler than being a billionaire, or at worst half-a-billionaire. So with that being said here is my Big 3 of professional sports franchises I’d want to start, and if you’re a billionaire looking to own a team we can talk later about which franchise you want.

1. NFL Franchise in Mexico City

The NFL has hosted several games in Mexico City and has shown they have a rabid football fan base. Imagine owning the first NFL team in MEXICO! Assuming there is no cartel involvement this is one of the coolest potential franchises to own. The team has to be called the Mexico City Aztecs and we’ll play in Estadio Azteca. Team colors will be red, green, and white and I will own all of the Pesos once Trevor Lawrence becomes our franchise QB.

2. NBA Franchise in Las Vegas

This idea is so feasible because of the NBA and USA Basketball’s involvement in Vegas with NBA Summer League and the USA Hoops headquarters being in Sin City. The Golden Knights of the NHL already have a tremendous franchise, so double that for an NBA team. I’d want to pair up with a co-owner like Elon Musk or Richard Branson and have them sponsor the team. The WNBA’s Las Vegas already took the perfect name, so we’ll audible to the Vegas ‘Jacks (logo is a blackjack) with team colors of red, black, and white. This team would win games based off the rest of the league getting the “Vegas Flu” every time teams fly in to play.

3. NHL Franchise in Houston

Hockey NEEDS a team in Houston. Texas may not be the biggest hockey market and Houston might as well be in Mexico, but H-Town needs a chance to lift a Stanley Cup. Unorthodox hockey markets have turned out to be some of the best (Nashville and Vegas), so I’m bringing a team to Houston. We will be the Houston Launch (another NASA/space name for the city). Get JJ Watt and Harden on the glass for playoff games and maybe throw JJ out there if we need a quick line change. Instant money factory in H-Town courtesy of the Launch.