I’m officially fighting for my job here at Bookies Basement. I went 5-6 last week overall on the pod, and I’m off to a freezing cold 0-2 start in the FTB parlay.

But none of that matters and you know why? It’s hate week here in Ames, Iowa. And on top of that, in case you’ve been living under a rock the last week, College Gameday in coming to little Ames to cover the Cyclones-Hawkeyes annual rivalry week. ‘Cuse got outed as pretenders after getting lit up by Maryland last week 63-20, which was a double victory for me because I bet on them, and it helped us get Gameday.

Needless to say this is the most excited I’ve seen Ames since my freshman year when John Deere came to town to do a show and tell about some brand new tractors. Not kidding. My social media is filled with pictures and tweets similar to this all rightfully bashing those idiots to the South East of us.

Since the news dropped late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning, I’ve had no less than 1 million people text/snapchat/dm me asking if they can stay with me for the weekend. Yes I have that many friends, no you don’t need to fact check it. The fact of the matter is come tonight, my apartment is gonna look like a homeless shelter, and my friends house Saturday is gonna look like Hiroshima after we nuked the beejesus out of it. Honestly not sure the house will still be standing at the end of the night, but that’s definitely a Sunday problem.

I’ll make sure to keep the Bookies Basement updated, and maybe do a follow up blog of the shenanigans I got into over the weekend, which I’m expecting will be a lot. But let’s get into the real reason you’re here, my elite gambling mind.

Week 3 CFB Picks

Maryland -6.5 @ Temple

Maryland is hotter than the fucking sun right now and I’m fully expecting them to continue this streak. Roll ‘Terps!

Penn State -17.5 home versus Pitt

Another “rivalry” game. Although Penn State has dominated the last few occasions. I fully expect Penn to steamroll again this year on their way to a Big 10 Title run.

FAU -2.5 @ Ball State

Sooner or later, Lane Kiffen’s offense has got to start scoring points, right? So far this year they’ve been massively underwhelming but I expect a turn around against Ball State.

Army -17 @ UT San Antonio

Just riding my Black Knights into the CFB playoff, hope on if you’re smart.

CFB LOCK OF THE WEEK– Iowa/Iowa State Under 44.5

This is going to be a gritty defensive game, the crowd is gonna be an electric factory and quite frankly, neither of these offenses scare me.

Week 2 NFL Picks

Titans -3 home versus Indy

Bought a half a point (originally -3.5 in my book) to get it to a football number (shoutout Harry Mac). Titans looked good rolling the Browns last week and Indy didn’t, it’s really simple.

Chiefs -7 @ Oakland

Last week looked and felt like winning the Superbowl to Jon Gruden and the Raiders, but in all reality it was a fluke. This team simply is not good at the game of football, whereas the Chiefs are. Chiefs by 1000.

Eagles Pick ‘Em @ Atlanta

It was in my book at -2.5 for the Eagles but I just bought it down to a Pick ‘Em. They broke my heart last week with the late touchdown by the R-Words to cover but I’m bach on the Eagles train.

I might post more picks on my twitter, and I’ll definitely have more on my MyAction profile (@jackwytaske and @JWytaske respectively)

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