Welcome back ya beautiful bastards. As you know, we cleaned the fuck up last week so I’m currently typing this out with my boner since were on a fucking heater folks.

Week 2 report: 5-1 (83%) +15.6U

Season report: 11-6-1 (64.7%) +11.5U

Last week was beautiful for everyone tailing along but it was even more beautiful to watch James Franklin and that shiny bald head of his run it up against a putrid buffalo team that had no business having the lead at halftime. That first half is erroneous because like uncle Brent Musburger always says “good teams win. great teams cover.”

Well said, Brent. Well said.


Houston +9.5 HOME vs. Washington State (1 Unit) Friday 9:15

I’m gonna be honest, I took out Mississippi State -7 and replaced them with the cougars just so we got some Friday night action. I like Mike Leach don’t get me wrong but I like a home team getting 9.5 even more. (anyone who doesn’t buy the half point to get it to 10 is just an idiot.) Houston showed that they can score under Dana Holgorsen so far and I expect tonight’s game to be a shootout but Houston keeps it close. Sprinkle a little on the money line while you’re at it. Houston can score and if they go up 2 scores early, who knows. Official pick Houston +10 (Buy +½)

Penn State -17 HOME vs. Pitt (4 Units) Noon

Like we mentioned above, is there anyone in college football that enjoys running the score like Jimmy F? Factor in the “rivalry” aspect, I fully expect Penn State to win by 4+ scores. While Penn State has recently been talked about with the explosive offense since Franklin took over for O’Brien, this defense is legit. Don’t expect Pitt to break double digits.

Ohio State -17.5 @ Indiana (2 Units) Noon

I know these two have been playing each other tight since Zeke was on the roster but Justin Fields and Ryan Day but looked better in week 2 than they did in week 1. I expect the same to continue. Swallow the points on the road.

Army -17 @ UTSA (4 Units) 3:30

Coming off an emotional loss in the big house against Michigan, the last team anyone wants to play is a pissed off Army team. We support the troops this week in Texas. Shoutout famous UTSA alum Uncle Chaps. “You can’t spell nutsack without UTSA.”

Alabama -15.5 (1H) @ South Carolina (10 Units) LOCK 3:30

Guess what? It isn’t 2010 folks. No Alshon Jeffrey this weekend. No Stephon Gilmore, Marcus Lattimore or Steve Spurrier either. Throw in the fact that Nick Saban is probably still pissed off about this game. Also, the two teams haven’t played each other since 2010! What can get better than this? a revenge game a decade in the making.

Never forget, Lane Kiffin told Alshon Jeffrey he’d be pumping gas the rest of his life if he went to South Carolina over Tennesse.

Oklahoma State -13.5 @ Tulsa (4 Units) 3:30

R.I.P. T. Boone Pickens. That’s all ya need to know.

This weeks fuck it, we’re up Parlay: +1566 (4 Units)

Penn State -17 (Buy +½)

UCF -8.5

Army -16.5 (Buy +1)

Oklahoma State -13.5 (Buy +½)

Michigan State -13.5 (Buy +½)

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