Back to back shit weeks. Oklahoma State easily could have won that game. Would have completely changed the week. I took advantage of some easy 2nd half lines but still a shitty Saturday nonetheless.

Week 4 report: 2-4 (33%) -3.4U

Season report: 14-13-1 (56.7%) +2.76U

No excuses or jokes. we bounce back this week and get straight into the picks:

Penn State -5.5 (Buy +½) @ Maryland (4 Units) Friday 8pm

Yes, Clifford Stinks. Yes, Franklin stinks. Yes, I hope he gets fired before the end of the season. )*Stephen A Smith Voice*) HOWEVVVVA, we know Franklin always puts up 600 yards of offense in these games. these two teams don’t like each other and I think Penn State easily covers by 2 scores. Start your Saturday the right way with a lil sometin sometin on Friday night.

Michigan -27 (Buy +½) HOME vs. Rutgers (4 Units) Noon

Copy and paste everything I just said about Franklin for Penn State and apply that to Michigan this weekend. Rutgers MIGHT get the ball past midfield. FUCK RUTGERS

FAU +1 @ Charlotte (1 Unit) 3:30

I don’t love this pick but I feel confident backing Lane Kiffen over the Charlotte head coach. I’m not even gonna look it up and pretend I knew who it was anyway.

Bama -38 HOME vs. Ole Miss (2 Units) 3:30

Pretty simple, Bama wins this game b 55-7.

Clemson (1H) -16 @ UNC (2 Units) 3:30

I think this game gets ugly and gets ugly quick. I think Clemson might score every time they touch the ball with Trevor on the field.

Ohio State -17 @ Nebraska (4 Units) 7:30

I’m probably just gonna end up taking Ohio State every week. I don’t see how that strategy doesn’t make money.

UCLA +220 @ Arizona (2 Units) 10:30

I think last week is a win that turns around the season. Arizona just isn’t that great and I think UCLA may start to gel on offense.


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