The weather is starting to turn and now we can start churning out some fall fits and hang up the shorts. and t-shirts. I’m talking henleys, vests, sweaters, crewnecks, hoodies, on and on the fall options are endless. Weather depending we can still rock our canvas type kick along with any performance brand tennis sneaker ya got like a pair of Roshes or NB’s, or we call the audible and mix in a selection of boots. Selections are endless to look effortlessly cool this fall without being a fashion hard-O. Gotta leave the Vineyard Vines and beat pair of Levi jeans you’ve been wearing since sophomore year of college. I’m not here to tell you how to dress; I just want you to dress better. Upgrade ya style, son.

But Uncle Barnes I don’t know how to shop and don’t have money for nice clothes & shoes…..

That’s why I’m gonna save you the stress, not give you any fashionista blog cause this ain’t Cosmo or a Ralph Lauren style guide. I’m giving you more than that; I’m giving you the perfect day drink or going out to the bar attire; it’s called the Chuck Church, and you all have it in your closet. Flannel, literally any t-shirt besides a Hanes undershirt, and an ironed pair of chinos, non-Wrangler jeans, or a decent pair of khakis.

It’s this simple. All three of these guys had sex with supermodels that night because of the Chuck Church.

It’s simple, clean, and was patented after the Van Wilder of a large Virginia state university, the Prince of Pest, Mr. Chaz “Chuck” Church.

The fashion icon Chuck Church (left) and one of his disciples.