The Worm is back in the international affairs headlines after reaching out to Adam Silver in a plea to help solve the NBA’s recent feud with China after the Rockets GM expressed his support for Hong Kong (China is trying to be Hong Kong’s Alpha or something idk not too politically woke). The Worm has history of being a peacemaker between American entities and Far East non-democratic nations like North Korea.

Mr. Silver, Accept this deal from our unlikely vigilante.

The life of Dennis Rodman is absolutely wild. His 30 for 30 was incredible and since the Knicks are hot garbage Spike Lee should get on making a Rodman film which would be a box office slam dunk. This is the same man who flew from Vegas to New York to bang Madonna, and then flew right back to Vegas to continue his casino bender. Dude grew a whole foot at 20, broke his penis 3 times, and was raised by a white family on a farm in Oklahoma…. There is no one else who is capable of solving human issues than this guy due to his life exposure and overall weirdness.

Inevitably as time goes by the aliens will come down to Earth. So let’s hope The Worm is around to reach them right off the UFO’s as their ambassador to Earth.