Massive home opener win against our Jersey Turnpike rival Da Joi-Zee Devils. Carter Hart gets his first shut out of the year, stood on his head with some massive plays, and the offense was rolling on a prime time Wednesday night game with Hayesy getting his first goal as a member of the Orange & Black, incredible.

The season rides on Hart, which scares me cause he’s my age and I’m barely accountable to go 100% on class attendance. But ya gotta ride the hot tendy, so let the young man cook! Provorov looked goof which is promising considering he spent all of his summer taking his girlfriend around Russia. Konecky is a little rat bastard and I couldn’t love him more what an asset, like a young Marchand.

God speed to the Flyers, but if (read: When) you let me down, let me down easy even though I know it’ll be incredibly, incredibly gut wrenching and heart breaking.