Being a 21 year old male from the Philly ‘burbs I grew up watching, more so idolizing the best reality television show of all time, The Jersey Shore. Although I’m not one of those “guido gorilla juiceheads”, I don’t GTL, and I’m not even Italian, but this show dominated my middle school life. For a time (2010-2012) , the Jersey Shore was the world, and the cast of the show lived life like rockstars and still do. So how does the younger generation (only 3 years younger than me apparently) not know these icons???????

My reaction to the 2000 birth year kids not knowing what The Shore is

This all came to light when some of my younger friends came over and I was watching JS, and I shit you not one of them says “Is that Smuki?”. Smuki??? I nearly had a brain aneurysm on the spot at the shear disrespect to the Michael Jordan of the Jersey Shore. 6 of these 2000 birth year bozos had never seen an episode… not one. Extremely tragic.

My little brother is a 2000 kid but he was raised the right way and watched JS. However, his generation was deprived of this classic show which taught all of us valuable life skills such as to not wear Tapout or bedazzled shirts unless your yolked…. and probably gave way to some skimpier fashion trends around the Northeast and beach towns up and down the shoreline of Jersey. God bless The Jersey Shore, and may he have mercy on those who didn’t bask in its glory.