Am I going to bitch and complain for the rest of the season that Penn State -28.5 was a near 20 unit swing decided by half a fucking point? Absolutely.

Whatever. Like that Franco brother said in 21 or 22 Jumpstreet, “Organized sports are so fascist, it makes me sick.” Well said Franco, well said.

Also, my bad on this week’s picks being so late. Made settlement on a new home today and I honestly had no idea it was Friday night until about an hour ago.

Week 6 report: 4-4 (50%) -2.9U

Season report: 25-20-1 (55.5%) +6.4U

Texas +16 / O70 HOME vs. Oklahoma (4 Units) Noon

Yes, I said I was taking Oklahoma every week last week. Yes, this is the first tease I’ve made an official pick this year. Finally yes, this is the easiest tease in the world. Red River Shootout so you’re guaranteed 100 points and this game is ALWAYS close. take the extra score* and root for points everywhere.

Clemson -27 HOME vs. Florida State (2 Units) 3:30pm

What’s the easiest way to erase the memory of a tight game with North Carolina out of the committee’s mind? By hanging a 50 burger on everywhere for the rest of the season. Shoutout Rico Bosco.

Wisconsin -10 HOME vs. Michigan State (2 Units) 3:30pm

I’m gonna drop the hottest take you’ve heard all season. Michigan State’s offense stinks. There, I said it. Honestly, how are they suppose to score on anyone? They got out all of their scoring last week and still couldn’t cover!

UAB -12.5 @ UTSA (2 Units) 6pm

Does anyone even go to games at UTSA? Don’t overthink it.

LSU 13.5 HOME vs. Florida (10 Units) LOCK 8pm

Banged up QB on the road in Death Valley under the lights? This game is just way too easy. It’s scary easy. I loved watching that Florida game last week but that was largely won on a ton of college football plays. I expect the LSU style defense to show up when it matters.

Bonus ‘Heavy Moneyline With a Play or Two Parlay’ of the week: (1 Unit)

Oklahoma -380

Alabama -17

Wisconsin -400

FAU -450

PSU -165

LSU -600

ND -10 (Buy 1/2)

Pays out +1210!

Cheers boys.

Ernie El's