For the past 4 years I have been on a crusade in the state of Virginia to convert the infidels from their evil ways and have attempted to show these heathens what I believe, and what the world should believe, is the right way to watch sports, which is anything Philadelphia.I don’t want to them to suffer anymore, I want to bring them to the light, but at what cost?

As of late I’m starting to think that maybe the men who sent me on this crusade (Wentz, Embiid/Simmons, Hart, Harper) were in this crusade for another reason, and that I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid waiting for Philadelphia to turn into Jonestown.

I put this crusade to a final battle. I made a rather large investment that one of the big 3 sports (NFL, NBA, NFL) teams in Philly would win a championship. As of now it’s just one Philly Crusader, the Achilles of Philly against the rest of the Virginia Free World looking to make a quick buck off of me. But to the 10 of you on the Barnes Board right now I demand satisfaction once the city prevails.

The Barnes Bet. +250 for a Philly team to win a chip. I made this bet in a mirage and blur of ‘Claws, passion, and rage.

Hey bums who made the bet or want to join them, I accept cash and/or Venmo payments.