It’s a cool, brisk fall Homecoming Saturday on campus at my D1-AA football powerhouse university this weekend. Beers are being cracked, music is bumpin’, and the people are out and about to enjoy a Fall Saturday, but no one is even tailgating, knows who we’re playing for Homecoming or even what our record is…. and everyone is perfectly alright with that.

If I went to an FCS school that had a cult-esque fan base (Read NDSU) I’d transfer immediately or just watch the local high school Friday night lights in hopes of seeing a future, real D1 baller. I’ll gladly take my fraternity day drink, or even watching the games on my back deck over going to a game I’d leave at halftime anyway while I check in on the prime time Saturday Power 5 conference games.

Yes I know this sounds bad and I’ve been fan-shamed.

“Uncle Barnes you have no school spirit and don;t deserve to go and get an education.”

– The Haters, of which there are many

But until my team can compete with the teams that my Penn State buddies go to then allow me to enjoy my Saturday with friends and bevy’s outside. I’ll save my cheering and potential heartbreak for the Eagles on Sunday.