If you grew up with siblings you know that phone charger stealing is an epidemic. But that barbarianism stays within the confines of the home which is a safe space for this capital crime. I thought we all lived by this rule, but I’ve been swindled and lied to by this heartless universe.

I was a victim of this horrid act, theft in the 1st degree. I’ve been made out to look like a fool. The thief is thinking they are so suave and sneaky like Danny Ocean running wild in Vegas (All time movie trilogy).

Talking George Clooney GIF

But guess what thief (either a kid in the rival fraternity or a drunk sorority girl) ??????????? That phone charger was partially broken anyway.

So now all you have is a phone charger about to be taken off life support and the boogeyman Barnes nippin’ on your heels to find your ass. Sleep well, ya scumbag.