The juggernaut of the MLS this season was undoubtedly LAFC. They were a money maker on the team goal overs, money line, and goal line pretty much all year. Besides being out edged by their big brother the L.A Galaxy in multiple games in their short rivalry, this LAFC team never worried about anyone in the West. Until last night when they lost at HOME by 2 goals to Seattle. But the best team never wins the chip in any sport and that is one of life’s cruel truths.

The Tampa Bay Lightning last year were one of the best teams to ever play hockey. They breezed by the rest of the NHL, making other pro’s look like a kid who’s pushing a traffic cone at the Sunday Learn-to-Skate or hugging the boards like it’s their prom date…. And they got swept the Blue Jackets in 4. The Milwaukee Bucks won a league high 60 games and was the #1 seed … but we know how they fared in May. This is a life principle that we have to start applying ; you don’t ever want to be the best too early.

Stay in the meaty part of the Bell Curve until it’s the 4th quarter of your personal Super Bowl, don’t blow it on being the best team Week 7. Live by these words from Texas legend Vince Young, “First half, just chill out. Second half, go the fuck off”.