I’m at such a low point. Maybe my rock bottom. Not only do the Nationals win a championship, but all of a sudden my Virginia friends are acting like they watched all 162 games in the dog days of summer even though they tuned it once the NLCS started mid-October. It’s maddening to deal with because I have no right to speak.

My team took their teams best player (Bryce) and overpaid him for too many years & missed the playoffs in embarrassing fashion, and I now suffer the consequences of being a loser until pitchers and catcher report. And guess what? If the Eagles, Flyers, or Sixers so much as go down by a score they put revert back to the Salem Witch Trails days and burn me at the stake. I’m a persecuted man.

I only sleep soundly at night knowing that D.C. is NOT a sports town and that I have hope in my city. But for now I nod my cap and put my tail between my legs…. and sleep at my girlfriends house so that I can avoid the unwarranted abuse. As a Philly fan, I would NEVER rub it in their faces, I’m too professional for that.