I can’t even look at the Philadelphia Turkish Delight (underrated dessert, broaden your palate ya peasants) Furkan Korkmaz even after his recent performances for the Sixers. You can hit a MILLION buzzer beaters but those banana boat looking kicks have my stomach in knots and I have to speak up.

This is like the kid who has the flame stick tape or the rainbow laces in the cleats/skates… just a poor look. It’s always the kid who’s not the best player and normally is falling below the meaty part of the bell curve talent-wise. What frustrates me the most is just how awful the yellow looks next to that gorgeous red, white and blue of the 76ers. Yellow is a color reserved for pencils and school busses.

So Furkan, my Turkish friend, I will continue to support your play on the court and you as an individual in all aspects of life. But I will not truly love you until you change those shoes….. or win a championship, whichever comes first.