And all through the house, all were focused, even the mouse. Dinking and dunking, penalties and punting, big plays and small plays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Maction is BACH, to me it is like crack, an addicting drug and an event I must plug. I hope y’all are prepared, for there’s no reason to be scared, it’s the return of the MAC and football art is officially BACH.

This, is an ode to MACtion.

When someone asks your favorite holiday of the year, what do you say? Christmas? Hanukkah? Ramadan? The Fourth of July perhaps? While all mostly acceptable answers, not a single one is actually correct. The answer is MACtion eve. As of this past Thursday, we officially entered a stretch of 26(!) straight days of football. Football Ramadan as some might say. And right smack dab in the middle of the holiest football watching period of the year is none other than Tuesday and Wednesday night MACtion. And I LIVE for this shit.

For those who are new to this game, welcome pals! To give you a small crash course before we get into our gambling preview for MACtion week 1, the MAC is the best conference in college athletics. Over the next month of MAC conference play, you will see some combination of the following on any given Tuesday/Wednesday:

  • A turnover that doesn’t make sense on a metaphysical level
  • A game where 2 teams who average a combined 20 ppg post a final score of 42-39
  • A game that finishes with under 20 total points scored
  • A coach on either sideline who will probably be coaching in your favorite conference within the next 3 years
  • A coach who will be back on the old grind as a plumber by years end
  • A game with 4+ overtimes
  • Double digit dogs winning outright
  • General football chaos/art

I realized I should cap my list otherwise it’ll just go on forever but I think you get the point. It’s a demolition derby on a football field and anything can happen. Throw records out the window, throw talent out the window, ANYTHING can happen when we’re talkin MACtion. So without further ado, let’s get to the picks for MACtion week 1: (PS I will not bore you all with actual Maction stats and player info, I know you’re just here to make a quick buck you sickie)

Tuesday Night Games

Kent State @ Toledo (-7, o/u62)

So, if you’ve listened to The Reverse Mush Podcast and/or follow me on Twitter @harry__mac you know I’ve had a tough time getting on the right side of Toledo this year. Luckily, the board made my decision for me in this one. We currently have DOUBLE reverse line movement in this game and I am licking my chops. MACtion games are very good spots for finding sharp angles and sharp money because the public bets them at a much higher rate because, well, it’s college football and it’s on television. So, the public currently loves both Toledo -7 and u62. *Stephen A voice* HOWEVA, with 71% of the tickets on Toledo, the line moved from -7.5 to 7, and with 63% of the tickets on the under, the line moved from 61.5 to 62. Additionally, with 63% of the tickets that under is only drawing 22% of the money, meaning there is BIG sharp money on that over. FEED me.

Picks: Kent State +7 1 unit, Over 62 2 units

Ball State @ Western Michigan (-6.5 o/u 63.5)

Oh baby, more reverse line movement on night one of MACtion? Please don’t mind my throbbing erection. Moving on. This line opened at WMU -8, and despite WMU seeing 67% of the public action, the line dropped to 6.5 so Ball State is an automatic play to me. Something has to give in this matchup as Ball State comes in 3-0 ATS on the road this year while Western Mich is also a perfect 5-0 ATS at home. Despite their home success, I just have a feeling we get some true MACtion in this game and I’m going to play the Ball State Ml as well.

Picks: Ball State +6.5 2 units, Ball State ML +190 1 unit

Wednesday Night Game

Miami OH @ Ohio (-7, o/u54.5)

This is going to be my keep it simple stupid MAC play of the week. Despite Nathan Rourke’s struggles and Ohio’s struggles at home so far this season, they are a significantly better team than Miami. Now what this means in MACtion terms is Miami OH probably wins outright, but I’m choosing to ignore the chaos aspect and just trust what my eyes and brain know – The Bobcats at home are at least 7 points better than Miami, end of discussion.

Pick: Ohio -7 1 Unit

Let’s. Fucking. Cook. Enjoy the holiday season pals.