Even though we’ve dropped our first two games on this early year West Coast swing, there is a ray of light, perhaps even a silver lining in this losing streak; Joel Embiid wears headphones with wires.

Wires are so Blue Collar. Belongs in the same category as jeans & boots with lunch pales and hard hats.

This may seem like a major red flag to the Apple AirPod wearers who fell into the FAD and left their wire roots. They didn’t have the grit or resolve to untangle the wires anymore, as if it were their God given right to listen to music.

But Joel Embiid is a man of the people, a humble man from Cameroon who knows that loyalty is what matters most and he isn’t leaving the wires that pumped head banging hoop tunes into his ears while he was chasing a dream in Cameroon and at Kansas. That’s my center, a guy who isn’t going to leave his roots even though he could buy a zillion AirPods and be trendy guy. AirPods are a trend, but wires are a staple. He’s the People’s Center, the Wearer of the Wires.