It’s week 11, we’re still up units. I’m not going to complain. Very blah weekend but I can’t complain because the slate was dog shit. I know going .500 is the worst in gambling and I apologize. I love the board this week. I absolutely love the board.

Week 10 report: 3-2 (60%) -0.4U

Season report: 39-32-1(54.9%) +6.7U

Thursday night

Temple -120 @ USF (2 Units) 8

It’s always good to get the weekend started on a Thursday. Temple is by far a better team than USF. This line is a little suspect but traveling on a short week is never easy. Luckily college teams allow you to have 105 players dressed on the sidelines. Defense travels and I expect Temple to stop the run – you stop the run against USF and there’s no excuse for losing.


Penn State -6.5 @ Minnesota (4 Units) Noon

Minnesota has played NO ONE. Their best win this year is what? Fresno State. They’ve struggled with Georgia Southern, Fresno and Purdue. This team just simply is not good and taking advantage of a putrid Big10 West. I promise I am not a complete homer because I hate that Penn State is playing this game. we have nothing to gain from a win against the Gophers and this is their super bowl. Every year, it seems like Penn State plays someone from the West and it gets dicey for no particular reason. HOWEVA, coming off being placed in the CFP at the current moment is going to have this already fast team flying. Look for State to go up early and stay there till the final whistle.

Ohio State -43.5 HOME vs. Maryland (4 Units) Noon

Unless you’re new here, you know I’ve been saying from the very beginning that Ohio State is just a well-oiled machine. If Penn State goes into Maryland and throws up a 50 burger, I expect the same to be done at home in Columbus. This game might end 63-7.

Purdue +3 @ Northwestern (1 Unit) Noon

We got massive line movement in what im assuming is Purdue’s starting QB not playing. I am not gonna sweat that out because I watched a considerable amount of Nebraska Purdue last week. The back up came in and didn’t look bad by any stretch. Northwestern hasn’t scored a touchdown in over a month. It’s time to start considering Northwestern one of the worst teams in the country. Even Rutgers is putting up more PPG.

LSU +7.5 (Buy 1/2) @ Alabama (2 units) 3:30

I usually wait to see if any more sharp money comes in on these games the day off but when you see a good line you got to lock in early. I am surprised that my book still has 7 so when you can buy that half hook and not have to lay a ton in juice to go over the football number, you gotta do it. There’s a lot you can talk about in this game. As of 1pm on Thursday, we don’t even know if Tua is going to play.

The good news is, my decision isn’t going to change if he does or doesn’t. I don’t know what the numbers are, but Tua has never really looked that good against good teams. the defense has always kind of showed up against Bama. I expect the same to happen this year. The edge this year is that LSU can finally go down and score just as much as Bama can. Give me the tigers getting a touchdown and sprinkle 1 unit on +205 as well.

Kentucky -115 HOME vs. Tennessee (2 Units) 7:30

Yes, Tennessee shit down my throat last week, so what. It’s just going to make revenge this week that much sweeter.

Oklahoma -14 HOME vs. Iowa State (4 Units) 8

I said recently that Oklahoma’s season is in big trouble with no schooner on the sideline but comeon – this line is just disrespectful.

Can’t Lose Parlay of the Week: 7 teams +492

Penn State -270

Wisconsin -360

Oklahoma -600

New Orleans Saints -600

Baltimore Ravens -490

Kansas City Chiefs -215

Green Bay Packers -245

Cheers boys. BOL

Ernie El's