We all love MACtion. The Tuesday or Wednesday 8 o’clock game that gets us through the monotony and pain of not having football for a day in the fall. MACtion is for the people. The MAC, a conference known for the Miami OH greats of Sean McVeigh and Big Ben, have embraced a new King, a man who doesn’t score touchdowns, but stops them, Douglas Eugene Costin. He’s a potential MAC Defensive Player of the Year Award winner with a chance to play on Sundays next year.

But this isn’t why he’s Mr. MACtion. Being Mr. MACtion doesn’t mean you’re an all-conference player, it means you have passion, heart, grit, and you’re a glue guy in the lockerroom, a salt of the earth guy. His nickname in high school was JuneBug cause it was his XBox Live handle… that screams MACtion, but I’ll let Doug Costin tell you what MACtion means to him and Spreadhawks:

What Does MACtion mean to you?

“MACtion means a lot to me. It;s our time to shine and show the rest of the country what the MAC is all about. We want recruits coming here to be about that MACtion, MACtion > Action baby. Not all of our games get the national attention or broadcasts like other conferences, so being on ESPN, ESPN2 , or ESPNU is pretty cool cause you know everyone is gonna tune in and support which means the world to me considering my family and friends are 8.5 hours away in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I get texts on gameday from buddies form home saying they are watching it with their college friends so it’s cool knowing I have support and that only makes me step my game up on MACtion gamedays.”

You’ve certainly been stepping up. Two weeks ago you stole the show in the Battle of the Bricks v.s Ohio. What was it like going back to Oxford as the Big Man on Campus?

It’s always great beating up on your little brothers from Ohio on national T.V. The boys are getting a lot more attention and buzz on campus which is great, but is something we haven’t been used to so it was a bit weird at first not gonna lie to ya Barnes. We need all of Miami nation to hop on the train cause it’s moving fast and it ain’t stopping for anyone anytime soon.

Holly Rowe interviewed you after that game, was that the highlight of your media career so far?

Yeah it was up there as one of my favorite media moments. Now that I’m thinking about, it’s probably somewhere in the top 3 along with an interview with CBS writer and Daily Local legend Jeff Kerr along with this. Love helping out the Bookies Basement and getting y’all on the Miami Spreadhawk bandwagon. Looking back on it I know I’ll never forget getting some camera time with Holly with the MACtion world watching.

Last week you guys blew out Bowling Green, but my biggest takeaway was that Coach Martin doesn’t let the D wear sleeves. Any truth to that Dougie?

Coach Martin is a football guy through and through. Our D is filled with some BAD men who aren’t scared of the cold. We warm up shirtless to become one with the cold. This Spreadhawk team doesn’t even know how to spell cold. We only spell 3 letter words like WIN and MAC.

Philly Cheesesteaks or Skyline Chili?

Barnes how can you ask a question like that? Cheesesteaks next question. I would never be caught dead at Skyline. Chili and cheese over spaghetti? C’mon man that is not in my palette, give me a nice steak from Dalessandros. I’m low key a cheesesteak savant, like the Dave Portnoy of cheesesteaks but I know a give more professional reviews than Pizza Boy Portnoy, so maybe I’ll give him some tips and we can split a steak if he comes to Philly. anytime soon.

Miami will play in the MAC Championship game December 7th in Detroit and if you aren’t throwing everything from the cash in your wallet to the tires off your car on the Miami Redhawks, aka the Spreadhawks, then you don’t embody what the MAC is. Doug Costin is conducting this Miami train to victory in the MAC, but you can find me shoveling the coal into the furnace to keep the my boy Dougie C fired up & going balls to wall. Spreadhawks by 50.