Last week fucking sucked. No other way around it. We hit on a 10 unit play and we still finish the week down 5 units? Sheesh. That interception on the 1 yard line for UConn is gonna give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

We’re not gonna be negative the whole blog because we do have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. Not just, Thanksgiving, Feast Week and for high school pals you haven’t seen all year – but we as one must come together to give thanks to the football gods for yet another amazing college football season.

Although championship weekend is next weekend, this is the weekend that schedules come to a close for almost everyone. So with that being said. I really wanna say thank you to the few people that actually give this a quick read each week. It really has been a blast trying to help all of you win a unit or two.

Week 13 report: 3-7 (30%) -5u

Season report: 52-45-1 (53.6%) +9.98u


Texas Tech +10.5 (B1/2) @ Texas (2 units) Noon

The bottom line is Texas shouldn’t be -10 to anyone outside of Toledo, Akron, Northwestern and Umass. My future on Longhorns win total under already cashed so I’m looking for the overrated af Longhorns to continue to help me make money.

Wazzu/Washington U63.5 (2 units) 4:15

Last week I had my heart ripped out on 2 overs that had no business staying under the total. A wiseman (Deandre Hopkins) once said, “I fear god homie.” So that’s my state of mind for rivalry week.


Kentucky -3 HOME vs. Louisville (2 units) Noon

Kentucky has been playing better since that awful loss against Tennessee. Look for the Wildcats to finish the season with an easy cover over Louisville.

Clemson -26.5 (B1/2) @ S. Carolina (2 units) Noon

This line has moved considerably as no surprise since the gamecocks fucking stink. Buy the half hook and enjoy as Clemson hangs a 50 burger in Columbia.

Ohio State -9 @ Michigan (4 units) Noon

Look, I know I’m one of the biggest Big10 homers there is but it just does not get any better than Michigan Ohio State. Yes there are bigger and better rivalries and matchups along the season but the consistency is what makes me feel all warm and giddy inside. It’s a wonderful thing to have a faint smile on my face as I have the meat sweats after my 3rd plate of Thanksgiving goodness. What am I smiling about? “Oh you know, Michigan Ohio State at 12 followed up by Bama Auburn at 3:30. Hbu?”

Enough filibuster.. Ohio State easy cover again this year, shit don’t change.

Penn State -40 HOME vs. Rutgers (4 units) 3:30

Fading Rutgers in the Big10 has proved to have an impressive ROI so I’m not going to abandon the system in week 14.

Temple/UConn O48.5 (2 units) 3:30

This is a very low number for a game where I think Temple is going to win by 30+. Pray you get a tuddy or field goal and you should be golden.

Alabama -3 (B1/2) @ Auburn (4 units) 3:30

This line makes ZERO sense. Yea these two don’t like each other at all but one has proved that even with their backup QB, they’re a much better team.

Wisconsin/Minnesota O45.5 (2 units) 3:30

This Wisconsin team just doesn’t have the level of defense they’ve had in years past. With the Big10 championship on the line for both teams, I think this could easily turn into a shootout.

SMU -175 HOME vs. Tulane (2 units) 4

I hate when a line is -4. Buying it to -3 puts you around the same amount of juice for the ML so why wouldn’t we just get rid of those 3 stupid points. SMU outright.

Navy -8.5 @ Houston (4 units) 7

Bad team trending down and a good team trending up. Take the midshipmen to end the season.

LSU -16.5 (B1/2) HOME vs. A&M (4 units) 7

1. Revenge game for coach O 2. Senior day for one of the best seasons in the history of LSU 3. Undefeated season on the line 4. Burrow already won the Heisman 5. Let’s geaux Tighas!

OK State +19 (B6) / O63 (4 units) 8

This is always one of the best games of the year. Points will be scored and 13 is way too much to begin with. Tease the game for a free touchdown and an absolute guarantee at +19.