First things first, drugs are bad MKAY. Shoutout Mr. Mackey. With that being said, HBO is literally your cousin whos in his young 20s who eats Xanex and painkillers like skittles and shows up to Thanksgiving an hour and a half late dripping in sweat and blaims it on traffic. You love him to death, but you can’t trust him with anything important.

I know what you’re asking yourself, why the fuck is Ernie comparing premium television to a drug problem that is getting worse in America year after year? Why? I’ll tell ya why. Because everytime I find this amazing new show on HBO, they put a gun to the back of it’s head and squeeze the trigger while laughing their asses off.

I get it- The Soprano’s, The Wire, Game of Thrones, the list goes on and on. But that doesnt excuse the fact that HBO gets a full on chub for ripping shows away from us at the beginning of their peak. If you’re still confused and thinking im a total idiot. Set aside a long Saturday when you plan on joining the “500 step club” and finish the whole series of “How to Make It In America.” Yes, I say the full series because HBO murdered it in it’s prime. Two phenominal seasons and ripped out right from under us.

It doesn’t just stop there. They did the exact same thing with Pete Holmes’ “Crashing.” For anyone unfamilair, Crashing was to comedians the same way Entourage was for movie stars. You see the ugly under belly of what it takes to establish yourself within comdedic circles. The same way you saw the rise, fall and rise of Vinny Chase. As much as I love HTMIA, Crashing was something special. You saw a character grow and mature right before your eyes.

Over the Christmas break me and the girlfriend starting watching Crashing. Her first time watching the series and my second time rewatching it. As awkward and painful as Pete Holmes is in season one, nothing was as painful as reading that season 3 was going to be the final season.

Hollywood superstar Judd Apatow talked about the show on an appearance of Conan.

“Well, it’s not really canceled,” Apatow told host Conan O’Brien. “We’re just going to stop making it.”

“What stopped you from making more?” O’Brien asked.

“They told us we should never make any more,” Apatow replied.

That’s just what we want guys. Feed us 4 more awful seasons of Ballers but tickle our balls with Crashing and How to Make It In America.

However, what would any mention of HBO be without the hilarious clip from I Love You, Man.

Long story short, you simply can not trust HBO. Just when you think you find an amazing new show to sink your teeth into, they show up to Christmas dinner on a 72-hour meth bender. It’s gross, dark and over the line, but you get the point.

Ernie El's