Who woulda thought that Carlos Beltrán and the Mets would make history on a crisp January afternoon in the year 2020. Today, Beltrán and the Mets “mutually parted ways” (read: The Wilpons caved to a bunch of whiny pearl clutching idiots like Andy Martino and Ian Rapapaport) making Beltrán the first manager in MLB history to end his career without incurring a single a loss, truly a remarkable feat.

Ok, I assure you I’ve gotten the trolling out of my system. Now, for my take on this vintage LOLMets situation: This is such fucking bullshit man. The MLB is a bunch of cowards who refuse to take on the MLBPA, so the only player that gets named in the investigation is Beltrán. Now, the awful NY Beat starts licking their chops and firing up their “The Mets have been put in an impossible situation” columns and act like Beltrán came into their homes, raided the pantry, spat on their children, and kicked the dog on the way out for good measure. The holier than thou pearl clutching from all of these talking heads infected the Wilpons, that snake oil salesmen Brodie, and all of their apple sauce brains and here we are, without a manager a month from spring training, dicks in hand, staring down the barrel of Terry Collins being more bach than LSU.

The worst part of all of this is I didn’t even love the hire at the time, but if he’s the guy the Mets decided was best suited to manage the team I just can’t comprehend how this changes that. If you wanted this you’re an absolute moron and I’m upset your vote counts the same as mine. I’m starting to ramble so I’ll wrap this up but long story short this is just classic Mets incompetence and I just need Steve Cohen to pull this team out of Dante’s Inferno.

p.s Fred and Jeff Wilpon having the audacity to talk about integrity is laugh out loud funny. They’re a pair of sexual predators who fire women for getting pregnant out of wedlock and have employed Jose Reyes post wife beating, Jeurys Familia, and lost all their money in a fuckin Ponzi scheme.