This ain’t LeBron’s or your mothers Taco Tuesday. No flour/corn tortillas and hard shells with ground beef and shredded Mexican cheese in this blog. We’re here for another taco that has been atop of the dessert snack world for years, the Choco Taco.

Where do I begin when discussing this delicacy? Probably at age 6 was my first recollection of the Choco Taco at my country clubs pool, and I became an addict on the spot. Was it the silver bullet packaging, the ice cream, or the waffle cone shell? Couldn’t tell ya, all I know is the Choco Taco humiliates other ice cream snacks, including the Chipwich and it’s JV brother the ice cream sandwich. The only thing that can be rotated in instead of a CT is the occasional Spongebob pop if they have it, but that’s another blog for another day.

Uncle Barnes you don’t really mean it’s better than a Chipwich do you ??? Yeah I do. Chipwichs are the ice cream snack the kid who only watches Friends and The Office on repeat eats; it screams “Hey look at me I have no identity”. And the ice cream sandwich is only cool until you turn 13.

Upgrade your palette and adopt the Choco Taco as your new favorite ice cream treat.