After watching the Flyers continue their home dominance against Pittsburgh on Tuesday night I realized I’ve been missing out on a trend no one has been talking about; Home Ice.

I don’t just mean bet on the Flyers at home cause that as obvious as saying grass is green. I mean bet the home dog to win in regulation or lose in overtime 85% of the games on the board (opponent dependent obviously). Not every team is a home lock, but here are some to focus on to get that free home cash.

In the East:

  • Boston Bruins (63%)
  • Carolina Hurricanes (65%)
  • Philadelphia Flyers (68%) 
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (69%)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (63%)
  • Washington Capitals (63%)

In the West:

  • St. Louis Blues (68%)
  • Dallas Stars (63%)
  • Vancouver Canucks (67%)

The percentages represent the games won at home as of today, January 22nd. Winning around two-thirds of home games is a safe trend to follow for secure value.

Ride the home team, especially if they are one of the big boy teams that has a rocking home barn, and tell your bookie Barney say’s their time is running out cause I’m putting them out of business with this trend.