College Basketball has always been right up there in terms of my favorite sport to watch/gamble on, but a particular conference has given me new life this season, the Big East.

Since October I’ve been in a trance with a few teams in the Big East. DePaul, Marquette, and Seton Hall have my heart, mind, body and soul. They play the game hard nosed, old school Big East basketball. The same basketball the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Requiem for the Big East” glorified. It’s a dog fight, night in and night out there is not an easy conference game.

Think you’re gonna stroll into MSG and beat St. John’s with ease? Think again. Georgetown loses like 5 scholarships guys from sexual assaults and transfers and still goes out and gives it their all (shout out Mac McClung). Every game is the best game on tv that night. Better than any ACC game or the one Big 12 game where a random school has a good year and can give Kansas a game. Big East teams are built different, they were made for basketball.

Fall in love with a Big East team come March. Hey, even fall in love with 3 or more like I have. They won’t give you a championship unless it’s Seton Hall, but they’ll make you feel alive, and isn’t that why we watch?