For the first time in the 2019-2020 NHL season all games played in one day ended in the same exact result. The Pens-Caps, Blue Jackets-Canadiens, and Canucks-Hurricanes games all ended in a 4-3 Final, with 2/3 of the games ending in regulation with the Carolina-Vancouver game being the outlier that went into a shootout.

I nearly got a brain aneurysm looking through the database of NHL scores to see when the last time every NHL game of a certain day ended in identical scoring. I’m ,sure it has happened in the leagues history but this is the first time in the new decade that scores of all games have ended in the same score which is an interesting statistic.

I did some research and if a bettor had taken a parlay on the over in all 3 games, they would’ve had odds at +600, not a bad pay out. I couldn’t find the exact odds for all 3 games ending in a 4-3 final, but I’m gonna guess it’s at +6500 maybe ? Even better than an over parlay.