YOU JUST HATE TO FUCKING SEE IT. I ain’t gonna lie and deflect, it’s been a rough offseason for Phillies fans. I for one am proud to say I am no homer when it comes to baseball. I knew on February 28th a year ago when #HarperLent ended – that the Phillies best chance of making it to the postseason was one of the wildcard spots. HOWEVER, I was saying that the next season was gonna be year 1 of the championship window. It now looks like John Middleton just doesn’t wanna open the fucking window.

But guess what, at least I don’t have to root for the fucking Mets. Even as they swept the NLCS over Chicago, I knew the Mets were gonna Mets. Fast forward five years, it’s been just as bad as in Queens as it’s been in Philly.

That all changed when the Mets announced they were selling a majority ownership stake to some rich white dude in the beginning of December. Not even two months later, the Mets fired their coach before he managed a single game and now Steven Cohen is backing out of the agreement.

Why did the deal fall through? Because Chase Utley still has 100% ownership over the Mets.

In an offseason with very few things to get excited for in regard to the Phillies, I was glad to wake up from a nap and type this with a baseball boner.

Ernie El's