It’s with a heavy heart and fire in my belly that I report this news. They’re currently just blumors, but if the public is hearing the deal is dead then the deal is dead in my brain. There’s no other reason this gets out other than the deal is DEAD. If I had to guess, Fred and Jeff started to reckon with fading into oblivion and their massive egos simply couldn’t allow it. We know how incompetent they are so it’s not like they had any future in anything other than getting duped by Ponzi schemes and snake oil salesmen.

I’m accepting these blumors as fact because that is what both the smart half of my brain and the Mets fan half of my brain reach as a logical conclusion when weighing all the facts. So, assuming the deal is dead, we as Mets fans simply need to take action. As our founding fathers said, “Give me liberty or give me death”. Teasing me with the richest owner in baseball and the breaking of my Wilpon shackles is legitimately the cruelest thing this team has done to me ever. That includes 07, Beltran looking, leading 80% of a World Series and losing, fielding the corpse of Jose Reyes, and I’m just gonna stop myself before this becomes a 20,000 word blog. Giving me a taste of freedom, glorious freedom, just to rip it from my hands like candy from a baby is an unforgivable offense. I love going to baseball games, and since moving bach to New York 2 years ago I’ve probably been to 20 games in each of the last 2 seasons. However, I just can’t keep lining the Wilpons pockets in good faith. Can’t do it. So I ask you to join me in boycotting this miserable god forsaken team until the Wilpons sell. I will not give these fucking weasels a dime. I have talked SO much shit to all my Yankee fan friends that I’m now gonna have turned around on me and it’s YOUR FAULT FRED AND JEFF YOU EVIL LITTLE GREMLINS. Fuck. Fuck this. Fuck this team. Fuck the Wilpons. If you support this team you’re co-signing all of their actions, including firing a single mother for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Do you hate women? No? Then you can’t support this clown show.

*Full boycott disclosure, I will attend games if tickets are offered to me for free. I am very openly a shill. But not a single CENT from these pockets will wind up in the Wilpons’ and that is a promise.