Anyway who’s following along on Twitter has prolly noticed that I occasionally would tweet out “today… but with baseball.” As we’ve gotten closer to the season and are fed daily 20 second videos of our favorite players, it’s hard to contain all the excitement.

People complain and gripe about national holidays all the time. Why are we off the day after the super bowl?.. We should have off on Election Day!.. Complain all you want but neither of those days holds a candle to opening day. Opening day is a spectacle that is born each year in the cold dark dreary days of February and blossoms into a mystical 162 game journey concluding in late October.

The today with baseball movement is having its baptism today as we are just a little over a calendar month away from first pitch. How do we celebrate today with baseball? Simple. A 36 volume journey that includes my favorite (bias) highlights of baseball history. Clips, statistics, spray charts, Barry Bonds Nuggets and other notable memories from springs and summers of the past. It is worth nothing that none of these are in order of relevance, worthiness or any other kind of order. We’re just gonna talk baseball for a little bit.

Today’s moment? 2011 World Series game 6

This may be bias to me because as a 25 year old man from Philadelphia. Baseball was still thriving in Philadelphia in 2011. I was in 8th grade when the Phillies won the World Series so I was able to watch and enjoy it but it in total – it falls massively short compared to the Eagles Super Bowl run simply due to age and how much more important sports are to me now.

As a ripe 14 year old I enjoyed sports but I played so many sports that when I wasn’t playing sports all I wanted to do was play video games. I was kinda like the dorky jock growing up. Think Eddie from eddies million dollar cook off but I wasn’t some nerd cooking cupcakes, I was fucking up terrorists in Rainbow Six Vegas.

Now as the 25 year old degenerate I am now, I need another Phillies postseason run like I need fucking oxygen. I know it’s right around the corner but baseball just means a little more in Philly, I can’t explain it – it just does.

So back to 2011, although we now know the Phillies brief window of excellence and dominance was going to be over soon, postseason baseball was still alive and well in South Philadelphia.

Although being the best team in the NL entering the fall classic, I knew how hard it would be to get past the Cardinals. That team was something special. We would then go on to lose in a game 5 for the ages.

The cardinals would then go on to appear in the World Series which would in turn also lead to David Freese becoming a household name in the process.

The rest you already know… ALTHOUGH it is not talked about nearly enough how if the Rangers didn’t have a second DH in their lineup playing right field, David Freese’s career may never be the same. Also the Rangers would have won the World Series lmao.

36 days till opening day!

Ernie El's