After my latest interaction with good pal and fellow Flyers fan/Philly suburb legend and rapper Lil Dicky, I have decided that it is my duty to make Lil Dicky the official celebrity ambassador for the Flyers.

It makes perfect sense. Lil Dicky is a Philly native from the Montco suburb of Cheltenham and is a massive Philly sports fan. The Sixers haven’t made him the celebrity face of the franchise (shout out AI, M. Night Shyamalan, and Meek Mill), and the Eagles have given Lil Dicky the same treatment, so it seems fit that the scrappy and often overlooked Flyers should adopt a rapper in Lil Dicky, who shares those same underdog characteristics, as the celebrity face of the Orange & Black. Throw him behind the net right on the boards and have him go nuts at every playoff home game and let the man attract the buzz.

As the the Flyers look to make a Cup run as an underdog compared to the giants of Washington,, Boston, and Pittsburgh, it would be a massive addition to the morale of Philadelphia to have more Lil Dicky energy for the Flyers. Maybe he’ll drop a song better than Freaky Friday for when the Flyers take their aim at the Cup. Also I’d like a cut of any money from this potential partnership.