Welcome back to volume 4 of today with baseball. For those who are unfamiliar with what the phrase means. Check out the intro blog here.

Today’s Moment? Yoenis Cespedes throwing out Howie Kendrick at the plate. June 6th 2014.

I remember my degenerate ass watching this game live late at night in Altoona at my buddy’s apartment. Both of our jaws dropped. I had the A’s and he took the Angels. There’s good throws, then there’s holy shit throws.. and then after a BIG GAP – there’s Cespedes throwing out Howie Kendrick out at the plate in Anaheim.

Cespedes has had such a strange career. After the A’s moved from Philly to Oakland, my dad continued to root for them and he passed the torch on to me. I loved Cespedes when he exploded on to the scene. After never really figuring it out at the plate, he was shipped over to Boston for a short cup of coffee.

After leaving Boston at the end of the season, he was then on the move to Detroit where he seemed to really find his swing. Slashing .293/.323/.829 in 100 some odd games before going over to the Mets at the deadline. The player I thought was the second coming of Christ in Oakland is now sticking it to me playing for the biggest division rival. Cespedes put together a similar stat line in Queens, however there was no surprise to see his OPS climb from .829 to .942 in the much more batter friendly ball park.

Although my feelings on Cespedes have now been forced to sway in the opposite direction, I’m not as worried since now he’s getting assaulted by wild pigs in Mexico and limited to playing at most 90 games while wearing purple and orange.

33 days till opening day!

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