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Today’s Moment? Stairs rips one into the night – 2008 NLCS Game 4

During every playoff run, there’s these moments that it just seems like fate that your team is gonna win. For the Eagles in 2017, it was the Robinson pick 6 against the Vikings in the NFC Championship game. For the Phillies in 2008, it was everyone’s favorite Canadian – Matt Stairs, taking Jonathon Braxton deep and I mean – DEEP.

This wasn’t just any homerun either. This was a pinch hit 2-run shot in the top of the 8th in a tied game at 5 a piece. The Phillies were down to their final 4 outs before extra innings when Stairs dropped dong and called game.

That was the moment that you just knew everything was gonna go the Phils way. 2008 was a year I’ll absolutely never forget.

Joe Buck gets a lot of crap as being a lazy announce or being biased against your favorite team. I don’t understand all the hate because I think with big baseball moments you should just let the moment breathe when you’re doing the TV broadcast. Radio is a complete different animal.

31 days till opening day!

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