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Today’s Moment? Harpers return to D.C.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. I fucking hate nationals fans. They don’t care about baseball, they never won shit. Now they won the World Series in the same year they won their first postseason series EVER, and now they’re just straight insufferable.

They try to hide behind the fact they’re a small market? I get it – not many people think sports and entertainment when they hear D.C. but the D.C. metro population is BIGGER than the Philly metro!!!

They spend more time bitching and complaining about Harper and the Phillies than they do going to games. They’re also too stupid to realize how badly Harper wanted to stay in D.C.

They’ll blow Rendon when he eventually returns but it’s the complete opposite for Harper; even tho Harper wanted to stay much more than Rendon did.

The beginning month and a half before McCutchen went down with a torn ACL, the Phillies season was off to a great start. During the stretch was Harpers short awaited return to the nations capital.

The fist pump, the win, the bat flip – all of it was a perfect return for the 330 million dollar man.

30 days till opening day!


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