Jews in sports are hot in the streets right now so I figured I’d take this opportunity to provide my pals with a definitive list of the best Jewish Athletes in history. Shall we?

1. Amar’e Stoudemire

After an impressive NBA career that was cut short by glass knees and a scrap with a fire extinguisher, Amar’e decided he would play in his ancestral homeland of Israel. He fought like a Maccabee and as a result he’s earned his place on the Mount Sinai Rushmore of Jewish athletes.

2. Tarik Cohen

Like many other Hebrews and Shebrews, Cohen is vertically challenged but he has not let that stop him from being one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL. Cohen knows his blocking assignments and his haftorah portion and for that we say “what a mensch”.

3. Ryan Zimmerman

Last year Zimmerman became a World Series champion and I’m sure his bubbe and zeda couldn’t be more proud. Zimmerman has long carried the mantle of being the most recognizable Jewish name in Baseball and I’d venture to say Zimmerman has been a real role model for young Bar Mitzvah age kids everywhere.

4. Eddie Goldman

When I first heard about a DT named Eddie Goldman dominating for the Bears, I was shocked that my tax guy was able to gain 100lbs and change the color of his skin. Upon further investigation, I realized Eddie and his gout were still based in Manhattan, and that this Eddie Goldman was a whole different beast. Goldman does the tribe proud holding down the trenches for the Bears on Sunday’s after observing Schtiller on Saturday.

And that my pals, is a definitive Mount Rushmore of Jewish athletes. Disagree? Think there’s someone I missed? Yell at me on twitter @Harry__Mac