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Today’s Moment? Bautista with a drive! Deep left field! No doubt about it! 2015 ALDS game 5

Although bat flips are starting to become more popular amongst the new generation of baseball players, the act of flipping the bat after dropping dong and going deep has been a staple in baseball highlights for years.

The bigger the moment, usually the bigger the bat flip. As good as your favorite player is, he’ll never have a bat flip as good as Jose Bautista in the 2015 ALDS.

The only thing more memorable from that game may be that whole inning that let up to the incredible 3-run shot. Every single thing went wrong for the Rangers. In fact, the bat flip was so memorable, almost everyone forgets the ridiculous “stealing of home plate” by Odor that was upheld during the Choo at bat. I don’t give a fuck what the rule says, absolute bullshit call and I was glad the baseball gods intervened.

Side note. I’ve never forgiven the Rangers woeful defense for doing Cole Hamels dirty. He pitched brilliant in game 5.

29 days till opening day!

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