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Today’s Moment? Eric Bruntlett unassisted triple play

There’s very few things better than a Mets Phillies series. One of those few things is a Mets/Phillies weekend series during the summer at the beach/shore; an all too familiar sight for many along the northeast coast of the country.

From massholes up north in New England to braves country down in the Carolinas and everything in between, there’s just something really special about listening to the game on the radio and then watching the finish as you get home from the beach. That exact scenario happened in 2009 on a late August rubber match between Mets/Phillies.

Things were looking dicey in the bottom of the 9th as the Phillies had just a 9-7 lead with 2 on and nobody out (runner on 1st and 2nd.) A double steal line drive directly to super utility monster Eric Bruntlett who then stepped on 2nd and tagged out the would-be base stealer trying for 2nd. The first ever game-winning unassisted triple play. The most exciting play in sports.

27 days till opening day!

Ernie El's