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Today’s Moment: Randy Johnson obliterating a dove with a triple digit heater

Boy oh boy! is our pal Randall lucky that he killed a beautiful innocent bird in 2001 and not a decade and a half later in today’s climate. The big unit woulda been cancelled before Jeff Bezos can deliver a 3 pack of deodorant to your door via prime delivery.

Growing up I was a massive fan of Randy Johnson. The dude looked like a mythical character in a book because of how fucking tall he was. I also thought it was hilarious that he could pitch 100 easily in an era where that was so unheard of.

Nowadays, the Rays have a bullpen where every other guy can clock triple digits. Jordan Hicks is throwing the ball what 106 MPH Sex sells? Yea I’m sure it does. You know what else puts meat in the seats? clocking 101 on the right field radar gun display.

Although global warming and overpopulation is soon gonna set the world on fire, say a prayer we no longer live in the generation where baseball pitchers were pitching every single game throwing 82 mph fastballs. During parts of the dead ball era, the batter literally got to tell the pitchers where to throw the ball!

Think Randy Johnson would be having any of that? Absolutely not.

26 days till opening day!

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