Do I have your attention? Good, because I have something I need to get of my chest. Over the past few months, one George Kent (@Bambino_Bets) has become the darling of gambling twitter and degenerates everywhere. He’s done it with winning picks all while preaching a philosophy of everyone love everyone, everyone support everyone, build each other up don’t tear each other down, etc. Big positive vibes guy is what I’m getting at. But what if I told you that this old fuck talks the talk but refuses to walk the walk? For example, let’s say a measly aspiring content creator and XFL Guru were to plug his gambling primer in ole Georgey’s replies. If you were really about building people up and supporting one another, do you think that the proportional response to a harmless plug would be an instant block with no warning?!

Did you answer no because you’re a reasonable human being with a brain? Weird, me too! Ole betting professionally for 43 years head ass George however decided that this was a measured response. And frankly, I’d understand it if I were some weasel snake oil salesmen tryna hoch my wares in his replies, but I’m god damn harmless! I just write jokes and give winners George, and if you’re that scared of a little XFL handicapping competition then you might be in the wrong business. Again though, the more concerning thing here for me is his flat out mockery of his own philosophies. How can I trust a man who isn’t steadfast in his own beliefs? If a man hath no morals and no principles, how can I trust him to give winners? It all just really raises a lot of questions. Really makes you go “hmmmm” as you peer over the rim of your spectacles. A quick scroll through the Bambino’s following reveals about 40% of the accounts he follows are other better more transparent handicappers. I’d say at this point it’s fair to raise the question of is he just harvesting picks from other more informed handicappers? Is anything about this guy real? My sources tell me this isn’t even actually him in his Twitter photo!

Everything about this hack is a facade, and I for one will no longer fall for it. The Bambino has slighted not only me but my Basement as well and this I simply cannot abide. So take this as a warning, George. I’m onto you, and I will get to the bottom of it, so do us all a favor and reveal yourself as a fraud now to save yourself the strife of a public execution. I know about the private account, I know about the deleted plays, I am all knowing Georgey. I am omnipotent, and you will not escape my wrath.

I offer one olive branch before we really get in the mud. If you issue a full apology to both myself and The Bookie’s Basement, I will consider recanting my statements. If you plug the Gambling Primer, I will fully reverse course and sing your praises from the rooftops. I am very openly and honestly a shill, and that’s the difference between us George. You pretend to be holier than thou and are a big fat hypocritical phony, I just don’t pretend to have any moral standards to begin with.

Balls in your court now Georgey. Tick tick.