When I think of Rutgers I think of the cesspool that is the state of New Jersey. Sorry, but the dirty Jerz is nicknamed the Dirty Jerz for a reason. I’ve experienced it. It’s a filthy place.

Anyway, #9 Maryland is a dog tonight against Rutgers in Jersey, and I can smell the filth from here. “Why would the #9 ranked team in the country be underdogs against Rutgers?” You might ask. Well, only Vegas knows. On the surface level, you have to love Maryland, right? In the last 10 days they’re coming off a tough road loss to OSU, a one point miracle win on the road against Minnesota, and a home loss Saturday to Mich State. They’re beaten, battered, and due for a cruise win.

So why is Rutgers favorited? They’re 11-6-1 ATS in conference, 5-2 ATS with rest advantage, and a cool 5-0-1 ATS against ranked opponents. Plus, they hit the system. Trust the system, and trust Rutgers -1. I hate this pick with every bone in my body, but you never win “easy bets.” Winners come from gut checks and uncomfortableness, and boy am I getting queasy.

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