If you hate follow Rovell like the rest of the internet, then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with one “Parlay Patz”. Patz became the apple of Rovell’s beady weasely little eyes by hitting a few outlandish parlays that make the rest of us average degenerates irrationally angry. Rovell was full on infatuated and gave Mr. Patz a gigantic platform.

Why is this all relevant now? Funny you should ask, Parlay Patz was just charged by the US Dept. of Justice in the Middle District of Florida with threatening Tampa Bay Rays players. Big yikes! And folks, lemme tell you the yikes only get bigger from there. Per the DOJ Website:

Bigger yikes! Before we go any further, I’d like it on the record that both myself and The Basement as an entity firmly disavow Mr. Patz and his actions. Firm disavow. Now that we’ve cleared that up, I’d like to point out that while Darren may have beat me to the punch getting an article up his article includes no disavowal of any kind and even links to his previous stories covering Patz and his exploits. Trying to profit and get clicks from the trauma these players and their families faced? Who would do such a disgusting lowly thing? I’ll tell you who, that robot Rovell. Rovell has shown a lack of human emotion and social awareness in the past, but propping up a murderous madman? Even I thought you were better than that, Darren.

Until Darren publicly disavows Mr. Patz (or he sends me a c and d) I plan to hold him to the fire on this. This is not acceptable behavior and maybe this will be the heinous act that gets Rovell exiled from society like he should’ve been a decade ago, or 50 times since. Your move, Darren.