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Today’s Moment? Chase Utley You Are The Man!

There’s very few things I enjoy more than listening to the late great Harry Kalas call a Phillies game in the dog days of summer.

The memories of me and my dad driving home from football practice soaked in sweat listening to Harry paint a picture so vivid you felt like you had season tickets every summer.

After spending decades with the team, there was no one happier than Harry Kalas. The NL East powerhouse that would soon go on to win 5 straight division 2 titles and back to back pennants was the perfect ending to Harry’s legendary career.

One of his most iconic calls happens to when young stud Chase Utley showed that he was able to change the whole game by himself alone. After a 3-run bases clearing double to give the fightins a 2 run lead, Utley then scored from 2nd on a weakly hit dribbler to 1st base by Ryan Howard. The call? Majestic.

On April 8th, 2009, Harry Kalas was selected to throw the 1st pitch for the 08’ championship ceremony. 5 days later Kalas collapsed while on a road series in the nations capital. A sad and somber day that will never be forgotten by Phillies fans of all ages.

As Harry himself would always say, just remember these magical words “Next time you’re found, with your chin on the ground. There a lot to be learned, so look around”

21 days till opening day!